Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Home

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And it’s here in the place and the days when so much of what has been shifting has finally settled…

There is a physical home to call our own.

There is a routine that does not involve inter-continental travel for over a year.

There is the warmth of things unpacked and in the places that they have seemed to fit, to shape this new life.

And yet the Home that warmed and surrounded my heart must be the one that still epitomizes this word.

I feel all of the trappings of wanting the comfort of the stationery.  And it is good…the security of home which is especially important to the little ones.  A solace.  A place of safety and love. A Home that warms the hearts of our hearts and makes a place for Him in its very white hot center.

But, yet that Home, it calls to me. the one who is having a hard time remembering the things clung to when there was no physical home.

I remember the yearning and searching and seeking of His love to be the deepest constant and the anchor.  And I remember the very real knowledge that this earth is not meant to be permanent and all of the longing stirred when comforts and lives loved are surrendered to remember what lasts forever.

And I don’t want to forget that Home that captivates and propels further, deeper into His heart and most importantly that gives the grace and freedom to fly into the constant unknown saying yes to Him in the risks and dangers of new things.

I weave these thoughts tight and deep and ask that ever seeing & searching Spirit that abides in me to make it a beautiful prayer for which my life will be the answer.


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