Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Broken


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And it’s a broken hallelujah

that this world cries

I continue to breathe shallow & frail and hope, hope for a better world.

For a world where that brokenness increasingly finds an answer

In the hope of the light of the world.

It’s overwhelming how the darkness consumes over this rounded sphere

and I am always brought to the darkness of the hour when the Father turned his face.

And broke the soul of the Son, severing the eternal bond as justice

gave the stroke called upon this whole broken and feeble world.

And on those shoulders broken by sin, those bones that didn’t need to break

but the body that did

was the heaving wail of humanity helpless to find a way

to be whole again

but for what only Perfection could do.

And I look at all that can be so hard to face when the broken lives

touch my own

And I look at what my kids may face in a world of increasingly pronounced

fissures and I remember

the broken bread that we shared in our own

simple way last night.

The lights of understanding dawning brighter on their little, tender faces

and oh how we pray reaching to their heart. their soul.

The tears that slipped these eyes reading from this book

about Golgotha, the Golgota as translated in but this lonely way in the

language of this new home.

As I held the daughter of my heart tight and felt her still

and looked at the mirrored tears of a son who so very much

wants to draw close to us, to God.  The bent knees on stair

tops that thank Jesus for His death, for what he’s done

for what their little hearts can yet see about the shattered

selves they cannot fix without the shattered heart of God

coming in and covering and

in the darkness bearing a hope that

will surely shine again and heal and clean and

make whole…

Till the whole world hears and may the generation we raise live to see the day and stop at nothing to make it so…

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