Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Afraid


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‘Much Afraid’ I could have called myself long ago.  It seems like what is new has always left me full of fear and aching longing to be free.  Forever free of these fears and dancing in those fields of joy.

I am tired, so tired, of being afraid and of poking my head through the darkness and seeing the world awash with sun and life and hope and promise and…

Oh to leave the darkness and the fears forever behind…once and for all.  There is a longing within me an anguished cry of the beggar for Home for forever in His arms with no possibility of ever leaving the sunshine of His face.

And as I sit here, knowing that that afraid me is crouching close behind the courage for new steps, new friendships, new things in this new day, I long for that afraid me to be so far behind that she can’t in an instant pop up and take over courage and stepping out and following Him with all of my heart.

I don’t know how to lose her…I don’t know and I want to know…it seems for so long that it has been my greatest desire for myself to vanquish this less-than-me, me…

I don’t know save to look to Him, to the Glory of a Savior whose power has bought back every one of those fears that have scattered like petals this life’s journey…


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