Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Opportunity

Fall to Early Winter in Bp 680

Opportunity is a word to unpack.

At first read my mind reels to all of the opportunities to be useful, to jump into life in this new country, to be that everything kind of Superwoman.  It sort of leaves me harried, and performing and a little stressed to look at it that way.

Opportunity is something deeper, I think.  It unites with promise and is infused with Grace and breathed upon by the Spirit to guide us deeply into the will of God.

There were many years, when I was responsible for only myself.  Yes, that world seems so long ago, but I definitely approached opportunities by jumping in…no regrets and no holding back and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I gained for anything.

But this season of motherhood, of little ones in tow and a newborn too…the vision is much blurrier to me.  Opportunities can often bring guilt when it seems right to pass them up, but that’s so not how I want to look at these things with a fresh year ahead…

No I want to look at each opportunity as a chance to trust God more.  To seek His face for the yes or the no.  I want to wait and know Grace when I say no and later think maybe yes was best and when I say yes and realize it was too much to take on.  I want to see opportunities as ways that I will gain a deeper understanding.  To listen.  to be still and quiet.  to let go of the ‘doer’ mentality that finds worth in activity and to see the opportunities

laid out as flowers to be picked in a wide and glorious field.  Many will remain beautiful…to be picked by another.  And their beauty will be no less than those that I am led to pluck and smell and dress the table with…


This is a weekly link up for a great site called ‘Missional Women’ that I was asked to contribute to regularly.  Lots of amazing things are happening there!  Check it out!!! {Here’s a link to the first post I wrote over there}

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