Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Dive


Fall to Early Winter in Bp 002

Go ::

And in these days a cry is coming from the deep places

the deep places of the heart of an infinitely loving God

These deep waters they are beckoning me.

‘Dive’ Beloved, ‘Dive’ they sing to me.

Plunge heart first into what I have for you.

Leave your fears on the distant shore and

Let go. Dive Deep into the clear blue.

Don’t worry about the depths thinking they

hold danger, or darkness.

No, the further you dive the more fully you

learn to trust Me.

I want to draw you deeper until all you can

see is an ocean of love, of singing-over-you purpose,

of THE LIFE I have for you in this world you now

call home.

Dive Dear Daughter and fear no more.

Let go of all that holds you back and

let your hair flow free and your heart beat true

and let all the voices that speak the lies and

hold you back be once and forever


Laid quiet and small, so small, next to

the roar of My Waters .  The waters

of a Love so profound it sings from Eternity’s

endless place and sails upon the seas of time

into a forevermore where all becomes the

rushing song of this One Great Love.


faith filled friday


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