Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday :: Cherished

Fall to Early Winter in Bp 138

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These days I’ve been kissing three sweet little heads.  Been nursing the sick and loving away the tears and my heart is swelling for the love of these three priceless gifts.  Who knew a heart could expand and the meaning of the cherished ones swell to rise above all of the din of this ever running, changing world? 

And in these days I’ve been hurting in this heart of mine.  I’ve been speaking words so unkind to a heart that feels the failure of self-made plans and expectations and all that I put on me just to love me.  And there’s an anguished cry and a heart that is sad and tears that are real…

And then I remember the kisses and the love for these 3 ones and this heart that is so limited yet the swell of love for my own little loves and I remember

the heart of the Abba Father, my Daddy in Heaven and on Earth and in me and filling the whole earth with that Glory.

and His heart is clear and He loves in swells that rise to the highest heavens and He defines the true cherishing from which my own little one comes.  And I remember that it is His cherished love and the way that He holds it close to His heart that He might hold me close that stays the anguish and the pain and all of the walls my own defeat uses to hem me in.

For if my own swell of the cherished love for these precious gifts bursts my heart to full what can I but imagine to be the rise and fall of the glory of the receiving of His own cherished, holy caress of my soul?



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