Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Wonder


I hold you close and tight against my heart, my soul.

My new, brave little wonder.

Your journey in coming into the world began on the other side of the ocean.

And ended in a new land, new home, on this side of the ocean.

And we choose the brave thing, this bringing you into the midst of all that’s yet to be of our new lives here.  And come with your own courage, ready to embrace this new world as the only you will know in your young little life.

And as I think of the wonder of your fragile yet strong.  Your new yet old soul come to us, I think of the Babe of Bethlehem.  Indeed, you lead me closer to him as your coming is on the eve of Advent.

Advent.  Emmanuel.  God with us.  Wonder of wonders to never lose it’s luster!

God who takes on skin, the humble human form and consents to be a babe so weak and helpless and dependent upon his parents in all things…so you are here, dependent on us.

And you this baby who grew in our hearts before you did in me, you bring us nigh to the deepest yearning of our hearts for this God-man come as wee one to make his home forever in us.  God with us, in us, living His love, light and life through us.

Oh how I ache to take you ever deeper into my heart and see our love only grow my little Samuel.  And oh, how infinitely greater this leads me to the eternal ache to cuddle ever closer to Emmanuel, the babe who poked his wondrous head into the world to change it and us forever and ever and ever…



Friday, November 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Thank You


Thank You {for} ::


~ The sun that rises bright and full

sprinkling new mornings with mercy

both literally and figuratively the latter

always true.

~ The chance to live and laugh and love

and journey with a family you have made.

~ talking to ones far away and to know what

will always bind us together, no matter time or space.

~ forming our own home and center it on You

to have three beautiful children to love

and show Your heart to.

~ For all that will be, our tomorrows,

to be held in Your Hands.

~ For our todays, allowing you to shape

them moment by moment.

~ For meals my whole life through…in the lean,

lean years, never going hungry.

~ for the roots of faith so intricately woven

through my days, for memories that span

and rest upon the bended knees, bowed head and

clasped hands.

~ for all of the missing and the soul loneliness that

comes with this BIG move…

~ for how you are charting this new course and I

can trust YOU with everything.

~ for the faith I need to live well and all

that you have given that challenges comfort.

~ for the heart to offer daily back to you as I trust

You to give that love to overflowing when my own

so quickly fails.

~ for faltering steps and quivering lips and child-like

faith that rests in Your infinitely capable hands.



Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Stay


for a while

linger in the love

my precious son.

we bask together

in the goodness of God

all that has been in my life and all

that’s just begun with…you.

and you, your oh-so-new life

full of all the goodness yet to


who am I to stay with you?5

to be entrusted with the

sacred joy of being your mama?

So much love the world

around and I have you

to pour it upon.

Beloved in the Abba Father’s


I look at you and my gaze

is stayed

4upon a God who marvels.

I breathe in thanks and

breathe out prayers

for all that I don’t know

and for the heart

to trust all of your

tomorrows to Him. and

so then I may stay

stay and behold

stay and love

stay and enjoy

stay and embrace7

stay and hold you oh-so-close

stay and kiss you tiny yet full

stay and look into the

depths of blue

to meet you and have

you meet me as

we increase this bond

begun some nine months


You in me formed

perfectly, knit together

fully and all the love

coming face-to-face

3on Sweet Wednesday

in a new home 

a home away from all I’ve

known and yet in you

in the love of a Mama

I am Home in Him.

Home to stay, to love

to pour of myself

a life offering to the

goodness and grace of God

for His indescribable gift.





Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Roots

13 (1 of 1)

and these roots have a strange and marvelous way of finding us as we wind our way through our days, through this life, this world, on our way home.

I love the image of roots…it has meant more to me than ever these 10+ years since my Mama’s homegoing.  There are the remnants, the roots transplanted in my own soul, of all of the gifts she gave while I had her with me.  These nourishing, feeding, reminding-me-how-to-live ways are never far from my consciousness.

And the ways that the roots continue to expose all that ever matters, all that ever really did matter is a wondrous thing.

The finding is so often not a stepping out into unknown worlds though that has certainly marked my own journey but it is rather the plunging deeper into those fearfully and wonderfully made ways we are all given.

Not ways that keep the roots, the journey and all that it’s given us, to ourselves.  As though it is some internal epiphany relegated to the self-absorbed…

No.  It is something far more.  Right now I sit and wait and work and wait and try not to fret and wait as I will any-day-now welcome a new life through my own…And the roots they mean everything to the nurturing of this new life.  They mean everything for the strength in the journey ahead and they hold the wellspring of joy of mama’s dearly loved their journey complete and their roots sealed unto eternity. 



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