Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Wonder


I hold you close and tight against my heart, my soul.

My new, brave little wonder.

Your journey in coming into the world began on the other side of the ocean.

And ended in a new land, new home, on this side of the ocean.

And we choose the brave thing, this bringing you into the midst of all that’s yet to be of our new lives here.  And come with your own courage, ready to embrace this new world as the only you will know in your young little life.

And as I think of the wonder of your fragile yet strong.  Your new yet old soul come to us, I think of the Babe of Bethlehem.  Indeed, you lead me closer to him as your coming is on the eve of Advent.

Advent.  Emmanuel.  God with us.  Wonder of wonders to never lose it’s luster!

God who takes on skin, the humble human form and consents to be a babe so weak and helpless and dependent upon his parents in all things…so you are here, dependent on us.

And you this baby who grew in our hearts before you did in me, you bring us nigh to the deepest yearning of our hearts for this God-man come as wee one to make his home forever in us.  God with us, in us, living His love, light and life through us.

Oh how I ache to take you ever deeper into my heart and see our love only grow my little Samuel.  And oh, how infinitely greater this leads me to the eternal ache to cuddle ever closer to Emmanuel, the babe who poked his wondrous head into the world to change it and us forever and ever and ever…



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