Friday, November 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Thank You


Thank You {for} ::


~ The sun that rises bright and full

sprinkling new mornings with mercy

both literally and figuratively the latter

always true.

~ The chance to live and laugh and love

and journey with a family you have made.

~ talking to ones far away and to know what

will always bind us together, no matter time or space.

~ forming our own home and center it on You

to have three beautiful children to love

and show Your heart to.

~ For all that will be, our tomorrows,

to be held in Your Hands.

~ For our todays, allowing you to shape

them moment by moment.

~ For meals my whole life through…in the lean,

lean years, never going hungry.

~ for the roots of faith so intricately woven

through my days, for memories that span

and rest upon the bended knees, bowed head and

clasped hands.

~ for all of the missing and the soul loneliness that

comes with this BIG move…

~ for how you are charting this new course and I

can trust YOU with everything.

~ for the faith I need to live well and all

that you have given that challenges comfort.

~ for the heart to offer daily back to you as I trust

You to give that love to overflowing when my own

so quickly fails.

~ for faltering steps and quivering lips and child-like

faith that rests in Your infinitely capable hands.



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