Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Stay


for a while

linger in the love

my precious son.

we bask together

in the goodness of God

all that has been in my life and all

that’s just begun with…you.

and you, your oh-so-new life

full of all the goodness yet to


who am I to stay with you?5

to be entrusted with the

sacred joy of being your mama?

So much love the world

around and I have you

to pour it upon.

Beloved in the Abba Father’s


I look at you and my gaze

is stayed

4upon a God who marvels.

I breathe in thanks and

breathe out prayers

for all that I don’t know

and for the heart

to trust all of your

tomorrows to Him. and

so then I may stay

stay and behold

stay and love

stay and enjoy

stay and embrace7

stay and hold you oh-so-close

stay and kiss you tiny yet full

stay and look into the

depths of blue

to meet you and have

you meet me as

we increase this bond

begun some nine months


You in me formed

perfectly, knit together

fully and all the love

coming face-to-face

3on Sweet Wednesday

in a new home 

a home away from all I’ve

known and yet in you

in the love of a Mama

I am Home in Him.

Home to stay, to love

to pour of myself

a life offering to the

goodness and grace of God

for His indescribable gift.





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