Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Welcome

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Welcome is home and heart and hands.

Welcome is messy and marvelous.

Welcome never lets go or give up but is always seeking like the One she follows who came to ‘seek and save the lost’.

Welcome is unconditional yet intentional.

Welcome is full-hearted and holds nothing back.

Welcome removes self-interest and agenda.

Welcome transforms.

Welcome is the empathy with the stranger, the alien, the tired, bruised and broken.

Welcome challenges me to the core…I write about it and I am humbled at each thought.

I know that there is no half way to the Welcome that glorifies Him because there has been no half-way or part way but the infinite and complete way of laying down all that it is to be God to Welcome us.

Welcome touches Heaven and speaks of things to come…the glorious Feast of the Lamb…the great Forever Wedding where all the weary and worn and torn and taken and desperate and dear of His heart will dance.

Welcome is always an invitation first to the welcom~er to be enfolded in the loving arms that will never let go who loves intimately and intricately and initiated before time began.

Welcome brings us Home as much as it draws the fellow weary and wounded along the way.




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