Friday, October 19, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Look

Go ::

it’s a great big city that has become my home.

and I’m about ready to have a baby, so, I haven’t been venturing out into that great big city too much…

but, on days like today when I do go around downtown, I am struck again

with the sheer reality of so many lives in such close proximity to mine.

And I wonder, what are their stories?  where is the silent pain that eats them as

they go through the motions of life, afraid to really be present and live.

and in the impersonal avoidance of looks on the subway or tram or bus,

I wonder at the radical act that a smile is.

I am reminded again of the barriers and walls that our little ones

break down simply when they smile at a stranger and the smile they receive back

is well, priceless.

And it’s overwhelming to think of being called to a place with so many lives and so much need and me, I’m so frail and trying to keep what’s mine and nest because that’s what full-term pregnant women do.

But deep inside and bubbling in fountains of full and true emotion there are prayers of utter brokenness, prayers cried out in humility and overwhelming sense of need for the opportunities, the heart, the life that

can somehow have an impact in this vast sea...




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