Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Grasp


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Such a polarizing word…this grasp.

I find in the insecure and anxious I grasp with all of the fear of losing all that I have and of never being able to get it back, so I grasp in a full lack of faith.

I grasp for the proverbial straws of self-worth amidst the chaotic movements of people all over the world…women I know and love to which I compare myself.

I find myself grasping for the strength from some empty depleted internal barrel of pulling myself through this humanly impossible journey…

I find myself grasping for something to name my own significance in the midst of all that’s showing I have no consequence in a world where I am incompetent…

BUT there is a turning to the same that is the saving faith of Tozer…that gazing upon a saving God a soul that yearns and clings and yes, this grasping is an internal magnetic pull

I grasp the life-blood of a Saviour as He pours it out over and above and behind and before and upon and in so that it would ooze into the inmost places.

And in this grasping there is the fervent fight of the orphan who is clinging to all that makes her whole and in a desperation grasping the hands and heart of the Only One who can save.



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