Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Graceful


Oh LORD let this my prayer be::

Graceful as I rise to live for thee

Graceful as I walk in days unknown

Graceful in the moments that count

Graceful in the quiet full

Graceful when the harsh doubts probe

Graceful even when it costs

Graceful because for You it cost…everything

Graceful in the midday prayer

Graceful as I lift little souls out of my care

Graceful in the breeze’s rest

Graceful to lift hands in praise

Graceful filled to overflowing be

Graceful all given whole-heartedly to thee

Graceful in the little things

Graceful in the relationship that matters most

Graceful with him who showers the pattern of Your Grace

Graceful in a way that transforms

Graceful in a touch that heals

Graceful when all demands just reward

Graceful to receive the infinite unmerited

And so, Graceful to give infinitely unmerited

Graceful as a song of heart of hearts

Graceful truly for this is what pleases Thee

Graceful always and forever

Gracefully increasing in communion with the King of

Graceful, infinitely, and You will ever  be.



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