Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Uprooting :: Golden Threads for the Journey {Part 3}

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There’s been a gentle breeze, the still quiet voice, that remains full of power to uproot the mountains of my heart and life.

And I am learning to embrace a Love that casts out fear, defined by grace, that is wooing me ever into the enfolding, assuring, never-changing embrace of the Abba Father.

Like a beacon of light against the raging seas of failure and inadequacy and the raw emotions of a life stripped and broken, I cling to the next golden thread with all that I have and am, knowing as rock solid truth, this ::

Grace passionately pursues the beloved.

This like the second golden thread came through the amazing teaching that high school and university students receive who commit their lives for a summer at Speakout English Camps here in Hungary.  {see why we recommend this amazing opportunity to anyone that we can??!!}

When my heart grabbed a hold of this thread and it began to drive away the darkness of the inner places, it was sweet water cascading down the folds of my own deepest understanding of need.  Like a light that illumined, well, everything, I came to understand in a deep, abiding, transforming way the nature of this gracious pursuit.

It is true that Grace kisses our faces with the sunshine of God’s love in gentle, affirming ways.  We are able to let go of lists and all of the failures of inadequacy and unproductivity and know, simply, that we are loved.  I love this Grace, and I need this assurance many times each day.

BUT, the passionate pursuit of Grace is one that comes hand-in-hand with the deep, hard things.  It is there when we realize that the clinging nature of our sin is insidious in ways that break our hearts on the face of them.  And, what is transforming me is to know…

The Grace that pursues shows the strength of its passion exactly here, when our awareness of the true wages of sin are at their height.

The Thief who comes to kill and destroy wants us to wallow in the mire of the yuck and slimy, muddy, putrid stuff of our flesh, BUT GRACE is speaking loudest here, saying,

“Come, My Precious Child, and know that I have already been here.  I knew the depth of your sin, and I loved you still.

I was moved to the ultimate sacrifice because of the pain I know it causes your soul, your spirit that I created to have perfect fellowship with Me. 

Accept that I have pursued you to this dark place NEVER to leave you here, but to pour upon your thirsty soul the drink of My Own Unparalleled, Exquisite Grace.

I will pursue you like this always and ever with the singular purpose of supplying your deepest needs for the Love only I can give.  A Love that sees and embraces you as you are and pours in you that which is making you like my own Dear Son…one day it will all be complete. 

Until then, I chase after you to the deepest places where this sin sick world has touched you and caused you to suffer so…

I meet you there to heal with My Grace. My Heart. My Abba Anointing Love.”





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