Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Connect…

The Buda Castle by night walking along the Danube river.  Can you believe I walked this way just a few nights ago with my pregnant belly and a sweet young friend by my side? And a few days before I walked this way with my hubby as we talked of life and love and this great adventure?

Come any time and we’ll walk and have a heart to heart during a city night.Smile



In this season where the in-between continues its ebbs and flows, I am so thankful to know in the stuff and guts of me the true Connection of all that will last…forever.

I think of the family that I’ve left behind, of the hurts and heartaches that are touching them in these days and I know that there is little I can do.  I cannot be there.  I cannot ‘fix’ it, though, I never could even if I were right there.  Somehow, the impossibilities brought on by the thousands of miles of our separation, now, bring into view the only One

who can


and change

and bind up the wounds

and touch the secret places

and in some


mystical way

connect our hearts

not for now in the

ways we often think

but for eternity.

I am learning to trust a Spirit who searches hearts knowing them, knowing the heart of God.  He it is he who breaths life in the spaces of emptiness and loneliness and fear and all of the limitations of frail humanity.

It is He who connects the fibers of our souls, brings our own wholeness and that connection that is beyond the words and the distance that limit the time and space of this world.

And it is He who is at work in a billion intricacies and who I can trust to bring together all of the loose pieces into something only the eyes of Heaven can behold.



faith filled friday


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