Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Change

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Hmmm…do I know anything about this topic?

On the outside yes, it’s all been change.  Lives in fluid motion transitioning to this and the next and always it seems like the big things.  Kids are so little and yet their young lives have been defined by change.  When I have a cat nap and wake up disoriented, not knowing where I am {I mean which country sometimes…} I am overwhelmed by these molding contours of change.

And yet sometimes I think that I don’t know a thing about change.

I see the same fears rise the anxieties I’ve battled a million times and I think, am I still here?  Did I go through all of this external change only to stay right where I am?  How is it so hard for me to trust when I’ve seen a good and faithful God provide and care for every step of the way?

And all I can do is sigh and wail that inward cry.  The one that the orphan screams in the cold, dark, night feeling abandoned by all.  I shiver as though I am on the water’s edge overwhelmed by that wind off that swiftly moving stream.  And I am holding onto a strength that will fail me every time.

So I pray the prayer of the desperate heart who does NOT want to have ‘the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry Abba Father’.

And I always want this change…the deep full abiding into the one I am created to be.  Abba-loved, embraced, secure…oh how I long to {dwell} secure this year, this season, this life…all of the raw, the weary, the hardened, the frightened, the child lost…when Home is just an open door away with a warm fire and all of the LOVE that will change, transform, me from ‘one degree of Glory to another’…

Sharing this a-little-more-than-5-minute post with a song that I found last year and love…



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  1. So true, we all have this love/hate relationship with change! Linked up behind you on Beholding Glory :)


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