Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Risk


Parliament at night :: One of the many gorgeous sights in the majestic

night scenery of Budapest,

this city that I now call ‘home’.


When I think about risk I think about heart.

Having the heart of surrender.

Having the heart of faith.

Having the heart of trust.

Having the heart of courage.

Having the heart of knowing there is one life to live.

Having the heart of security.

Having the heart of knowing you are always going Home.

Having the heart of peace.

Having the heart of great confidence in a God bigger than sky and sea and spans of the world and farthest reaching stars and all the breadth of the Heavenly Hosts.

Having a heart of wanting to see nothing more than Him.

Having a heart to always, always love.

Having a heart who knows how deeply, infinitely and always you are loved.

Having a heart that owns in the innermost folds, that one identity that truly stands for all time :: that I am beloved, bought with a price, FULLY redeemed from past in present and for an eternal perfect future.

Having a heart to dwell in the riches of grace.

Having a heart that brims with a love that is known in the secret that it might be lived out loud.

Having a heart that rests in truth for the feeling of all of these will fade especially as the stakes of risk dig deep into a lasting ground and the swells of sacrifice beat strong against the shore of the next steps in the journey, so

Having a heart to live in the reality of RISK, taking steps no one has paved a way for, but a God who calls always to the willing heart & promises to supply all that’s needed, and this same heart that RISKS with all it holds dwells ever supremely secure.


faith filled friday


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  1. Love the stream of thought. There is a sense of urgency as you speak of risk, yet the same urgency to surrender to His leading. Happy to have come to read. Thank you for your post! May we each find our hearts resting in the truth.


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