Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Expectation

stormy sea


The nature of expectation for the inner me is like a storm-tossed sea.

I see the rising of a great tide of unknown

and the crashing to shore of its waves

and as soon as hope rises

it may quickly fall away.

I expect high and full to be stretched and pulled

in every windy direction of the things

that keep coming

this life so beyond my control.

I see and believe that in all of it

there is a pearl in some

tossed about oyster

a pearl of great price.

It is for this pearl that I have come

on this journey far away from

what is home.

I cling to the expectation that that

greatest-price pearl

has not the potential to disappoint.

For He is the object of the vision

it is the seeing Him more clearly

and needing Him more dearly

that is the clarifying expectation

that this heart awaits.

And so amidst a storm-tossed sea

of thoughts of how this all can go

language, driving, schooling for kids,

ministry in a foreign land,

sometimes I am full of the expectation of

success and then

almost immediately, it seems,

I am flushed out and depleted

to the reality that it's all quite hard.

But the expectation of a sure and true

Savior who is always the prize

always the vision

always the way

to walk this long road Home…

the road that spans the world over

and beckons all of the Redeemed…

this is what remains.


faith filled friday


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