Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Perspective

{the view from Gellert Hill at night. I will be introducing you to our favorite Budapest spots over the coming weeks:}


I smile.

The perspective of these days is onto settling & home…though the process be stretching and hard.  This. This is the Life we have been working towards and preparing for…when we are lost, we are still found & home and where we belong in a way we have not been, maybe ever, as a family.

I smile deep & feel.  The hubby and I learning as we DRIVE for the first time around this big beautiful city that we know like the back of our hands by public transportations.  Give us a bus or a tram or a metro and we’re there.  Stick us in a car & it is hilarious.  Signs are new and we. are. learning…but there is a curve and sometimes it is the wrong way.  I am learning to calm down and nothing is life or death, for we are here, where He has called us…in his hands.

And that perspective is worth a million pounds of gold.

And there is the life that is coming.  The learning the new language as we acclimate ourselves and our little ones to a whole new world.  And there is the life that is coming in me.  Each day brings another beginning. 

I will UNPACK soon.  It has been a year since I packed and the beds in-between are too many to count, but soon, it will be our own againSmile

Perspective in Him is adventure and always new and always good.  Though hearts may stumble and marriages hit the stressful rough, there is always the finding our way back to the Life we have been prepared for.  The making strong for His Glory.

We drive around the city and as we’re finding our way, we see the people again & again.  So many who have no idea about Jesus and I look at my beloved and know that he is about to talk to as many as he can, as soon as he can and we wait to be His light here and to ride the waves of the dark that will come and the sadness and the missing, but always the knowing that we are called. 

He is with us. 

It is all good.


faith filled friday


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  1. "Perspective in Him is adventure and always new and always good" Yes it is!!


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