Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Identity {first post from ‘the other side’}


In the ups and downs and go abouts that span the world…our identities take a ride in the whirlpool.

In the spinning of family and changes and life and moves, BIG MOVES, in my own case, identity can seem that ever moving target—never attained, always searching & striving as my world changes in deep and vast degrees.

But there is a constancy to the identity that is true and mine and this is good to center upon in these days.

But the NOT’S of identity are first to lay aside, to let go of, to die to::

My identity is NOT ::

having it all together

having the faith every moment to move the constant mountains

doing everything well on the other side before we came

having no root fears as we step into the unknown

being the mom with a plan always amidst the flux

certainly it’s NOT having a home and place for nest & open…for there’s still some waiting there;}

having what it takes to fully support the ministry of my hubby

being the perfect anything…which surrounds thoughts of Christ-follower, missionary, wife, mama, friend, daughter…every role I’ve ever had in this life…

To put it plainly is what my identity IS ::

it IS being fully enveloped in the never-stopping, never-giving-up, never-letting-go, never-tiring-of-me love of an Abba Father who sees all of the blemishes & bruises of a tattered journey.  Who looks into the deepest places & spaces of this tender heart of hearts and pursues with a love that all eternity will show & that shines from an eternity past centered upon the same.



faith filled friday


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