Friday, April 13, 2012

On Good-Bye’s…the stuff of these days


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Good-bye’s have become a way of life for this so-journer.  As much as saying ‘yes’ to God is saying Good-bye to those most dear.

In places beloved, new lives made, there has always come the good-bye.  The dearest friends that string this life hold in common one thing:: distance.  Those long ago lived by and those just now as good-bye’s take center stage in this eminent move overseas.

It seems like the most beloved mama’s…the hardest good-bye of my life…was a means of preparation for the days ahead.  These 10 years hence have proven to be paved by that one long tender intimate and heartfelt good-bye to the woman closest to this knitted-together me. The most in-tune with His work in me…

And now the good-byes they line my yesterdays, todays and tomorrows as assuredly as the calling it fills.  I sit here in my twin’s house for the week of relished time and the good-bye for now as it will be 2 years till these feet touch this soil.

I have not found a way to endure these good-bye’s but by thanks and Heaven. All is gift.  All is great grace, that grace upon grace.  Each treasured friend more than this broken one deserves.  Each family member, how we are bound in blood and more the redeemed blood that turns to heavenly gold…these are the hope’s strands that knit our hearts for eternity.  We are the people who journey this veil of tears and long for Home.

And joy of joys that Home is for real. And we have FOREVER with all who love Him and so we bear the good-byes here as we jump full into the that rushing river of grace of kingdom of calling or oh-the-time-is-short and there is ONE message that this world needs and there are lost sheep who don’t yet share Heaven but long too…

So we say Good-bye.  So we go to many hello’s and many new heavenbound ones He is preparing for the forever embrace where all good-byes are but a distant memory and it is only life and together that remain.

{a tad over 5 minutes TODAYWinking smile…for any of you who don’t know our story, we are closing a chapter as we have completed our fundraising for long-term overseas ministry.  Three short weeks from today! our little family will move to Budapest, Hungary}


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