Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Together


Together has been the theme of this week.  One week of precious time with a most beloved twin, her children, my brother and sister and their families.  It has been a week to embrace what together means.

For all of the highs and lows of our journey as family—it remains that we have a shared journey.  We know that house with its crazy quirks that was our home.  We remember all of the stages of awkwardness, our respective adolescence and coming of age, we remember the glue of our family and we remember the wounds of a broken journey as we have walked this veil of tears as family.

I type together and as this flow of words weave into my heart, I hold deep and tight, that these intangibles of together while sweet and present when I am here, still invariably exist when we are apart.  This is the clinging to that must hold me fast to the path before me.

I leave in a couple of hours and have said two goodbyes to sister and brother and families, am clinging to the precious little time with my twin, BUT the goodbye is inevitable, because we move over the ocean a mere TWO WEEKS from today.

And yet together must remain a reality indestructible.  We all will pass through the 10 year anniversary of our beloved mama’s homegoing next month…and we will be separated by miles and also division, but together must be within us.

There is no one like family with all of our musings and laughter and hope and tears and what was our glue, our mama, for so many years.

And now we grow and follow God and though we differ in how we do that, we must believe that our together is real.  I must believe that.  I will not have the strength for this deepest goodbye to my identical twin unless I remember together in blood, journey of growing up, and a new kind of together as we follow the One Worthy of Everything in vastly different spaces and ways. 

And always, always, always, we remember the Unending Together that awaits our long journey home…and though grief is real at the parting, hope must bear the brighter light to shine in our todays and all of our tomorrows.


faith filled friday


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