Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter’s Glow & How Now to Live?

So we are basking here in these days of glorying in the empty tomb.  The triumph over death.  The victory over the grave.  The passing through all of the thoughts of impossible to the reality of a power that makes all things possible.

At least that’s what I believe Easter; the Day of Resurrection; calls us to.  Don’t you?

We are the people that are defined by Incarnation and a God-man who came into the confines of time and the darkness of a broken world and spoke the Final, Full, Nothing-Held-Back, It-is-Finished work of Redemption and nothing, truly nothing is the same.

That is what my Empty Tomb remembrance calls me to and I would be living a lie to believe it calls me to anything less.  It is a yearly discipline that is like the yeast of the kingdom working through the dough of life so that instead of yearly it becomes monthly, becomes weekly, becomes daily, becomes moments upon moments, becomes Life.

And what does that remembrance look like when it meets here and now?  For me, it’s the peace and the power to live without being overwhelmed no. matter. what. comes.  When the to-do’s are a mile long and impossible to finish, to know the rest of His finished work and that perspective to cover and re-orient the important. To ask Him, the Victorious One over ALL THINGS, what really matters and what to let go.  To realize that it is often much harder to let go than to jump on life’s treadmill and work like crazy to do it all.  To embrace surrender as the radical with its subversive declaration against the powers and principalities that rule a first world life.

And when the things that require all our energy come, to know that there is no power greater than the one that raised Jesus from the dead, so we can experience a youth renewed like the eagle’s to persevere even as we rest in His feathers that cover and complete.

The Life of that First Risen Sunday is our everything.  There is no substitute for this motivation and power.  And when we are weary and weak and overwhelmed there is nothing else that will touch and heal and remind us of a Great Beyond that claims our forever. And as Heaven consumes our vision light shines upon the truly vaporish things parading as our worth, our necessity, our importance and shows them for the decaying flesh that they are.

Easter’s Glow is our hope today, tomorrow, forever.  We live in this light and as we step further and deeper in and join our hands the world will come to know the matchless power of this Risen Love.

Fan the Flame of our hearts as we behold You the Only One High and Lifted Up and purpose to not let Easter’s Glow fade and if it does, to always come back to the only place where we can be stirred again…

Amen and may it be so!





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