Friday, April 6, 2012

because the Light is all that lasts

Lots of this and that winter & early spring '12 028

it is not hard to see that most of what is heralded in the news and in the supermarkets and in the street corners is shrouded in the dark.

It is not hard to see when we look into the eyes of the lonely souls that there is a longing for hope.

It is not hard to see that our little ones face a world all the more captive by the dark forces of the heavenly realms.

But it MUST also be seen, though with the natural eyes, it is impossible, that the darkness DOES NOT, WILL NOT, CAN NOT HAVE THE FINALY SAY.

With the Redeemed eyes of the Light we are called to see with brilliant hope the possibilities of Redemption in all that is.

I have been called an optimist, even the perpetual one, or the hopeless optimist—though it is a bit ironic to call it such.

But, I know that this is a compliment even as I know, as well, that the Light longs to captivate more of me. The Light is meant to train our eyes, the eyes of the called and set apart and died for and new creation, to things unseen where wonder is the fuel of souls and the stuff of visions.

Lots of this and that winter & early spring '12 094We are made new so that we might know the imperishable to come.  So that eyes trained to the Light of Life will hold a perspective of things unseen.  For when the cancer comes, or when the cruel hatred consumes, or when the bullying doesn’t stop, or when the cynicism of friends and family shouts, we need the light.  Oh how we need the Light!

We do not serve a Pollyanna God, but an Exalted, Risen Savior.  Flesh and bones and yet transcendent with courage unmatched and healing in His wings to fly across every page of history and hover in these present moments even as the future is His and speak of Victory and Promise and What Remains…Forever.

And Forever for the people of the Light is receiving what our hopes cling relentlessly to in the face of all that stands against and shouts that darkness will win.  But Forever promises to right every wrong and in such a way that the wounds and pain of life will not only be forgotten, but become the jewels of heavenly crowns and the wings of heavenly beings and the songs of eternity for the beauty of their eternal transformation.

On this we stand as the bearers of the Light to the world.  Here we call to mind andLots of this and that winter & early spring '12 042 therefore have a relentless hope that Because of His Great Love we are not consumed…Great is His Faithfulness.

When we fall we rise in the sweet touch of the balm of Gilead’s eternal well that flows from the hands of the Prince of Peace and Wonderful Counselor come to live and die that we might truly live and never die.

We are the unwavering, the torch-bearers, the reflections of Eternity and we are this Light though 10,000 fall at the right and the left because we have been imprinted with the diamond-rock-solid unyielding truth of our Redeemed DNA that Light reigns…always, always, always & forever…there is no other truth.


faith filled friday


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