Thursday, March 22, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Loud

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And it is the voice of Isaiah the prophet that is the first and loudest to come

crying aloud, yet speaking tenderly that warfare has ended

that She, Israel, has paid double for all of her sins…

and then it’s the voice crying out in the wilderness

to make way for HIM…Who?…Him!

And I hear the voice in my heart and I want to hear hope

and hear joy

not only for myself, not even first for myself, but for the world

I want the condemned and beaten down to find the way made straight for Him

And I want to see the dark chains of those who have believed every lie come break free!

And I want to hear the loud shouts of joy of a people united

from every kindred, tongue, tribe and nation

and it will say with all of the hosts of Heaven

‘Worthy, Worthy, Worthy, is the


Worthy to receive blessing and glory and honor


and there is a loud~ness to it all that echoes through the caverns of time to me

to here, to now.

to you. to him. to her.

and the Voice says do not despair, there is ALWAYS hope

and the Voice is calling and the arms are opening wide

and the hearts are being made ready

and I want to live in perfect tune with this Voice…a life LOUD of the Forever and the Glory

of Him.  always Him.


faith filled friday


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