Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Gift


Lots of this and that winter & early spring '12 207although this journey for us has been long…oh the gifts

even in the waiting, especially in the waiting,

the chances to have and to hold the great prizes of dear ones in our lives

who soon will be far, may always be far away until Heaven,

have been close.  and we have been able to drink deeply from the cup

of the grace of the Good Giver.  In the grief of goodbyes have been the reminders of Heaven. the sweet rendezvous of times golden and glistening in the sunshine of mutual love.

I have left so many surprise meetings that have dropped from heaven and beenLots of this and that winter & early spring '12 213 handed by the Giver, the Great Giver of all

just today with a heart of hearts friend.  as children pray like forever friends

and a few days ago too with friends who are forever family

and little ones pick up in the togetherness that bound us when we lived doors apart

and in the Grace of the gift, of the lens of all as gift, to kiss these times, though fleeting and unknown as to the renewal, with the joy of such a gift.

Time in the presence of those we love that we do not know when it will happen again, to hold onto what is good and know that it is far more than beggars and the poor in spirit deserve

Lots of this and that winter & early spring '12 245but to know that it is nonetheless given with no sign of stopping for the One who holds all of our weary and worn and grieving hands and calls us forward

to new steps and lives but always with the sweet fragrance, the beauty in color of His gifts…always His.  always good.  always given. always reminding of Heaventhe greatest joy and crown coming

living forever when all flows from the light of His Glory. His Love.





faith filled friday


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