Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Empty


Empty is always for a purpose.  If there is no empty there can be no filled.

And I am knowing that there are fathoms of empty and the deeper the empty the deeper the filling.

And I want empty to be daily and to be moment by moment and to be as natural as breathing.

I want to empty of the pride, fear, mistrust, the anger, worry and doubt.  I want to empty of the plans I make without seeing them through His eyes.  I want to empty of the apathy that lives less than the fullest Life.

And as I empty I want to fill.  Fill of all that He holds and pours in and fills marrow and bones with the heady fullness of a God so beyond yet so come down that He LIVES in me.

And in these days when new life, a new little precious life, is starting to form in me.  I want to empty of the control and the strength to walk this journey myself and to fill with the promises of His never-leaving-or-forsaking…

And I want this life to be a journey to birth a journey where I empty my strength and receive His and pray over this new life coming and the sweet ones already entrusted to my care and

I as Mama and lover of Jesus sing through my days the sweet benediction of a song that comes from the fullness of the quiet voice left after the emptying of the storm.


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faith filled friday


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