Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Brave


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When I think of brave, I think of those I love and have loved most in this life.

I think of Mama and her bravery when she fought that monster cancer head on even when all human possibility of extended life waned.  She fought and rehabilitated limbs and self and learned to use her left hand to write out the last cards that she gave us.  She stood strong and courageous when dignity was stripped and showed that it is what is deepest that can never be taken away.  And she showed everything in the purest and most complete way that she truly had always been.  She gave us all her greatest gift and taught how to live each moment to its fullest and never accept defeat unless it is sure it is but the final passageway to LIFE.

And brave too was the Papa who loved her so.  It came for him in the mornings after she was gone when he would always have taken her hand and ushered her into Heaven’s throneroom.  And though one half of himself was ripped away He came still to the only God He knew and the only one who could heal even though nothing in him felt like going on or living true without the joy and fullness of his beloved and all she lit within him their journey through.  But come he did and survive he did and resilience he too taught when it counted most.

And so if there is any bravery in these bones and limbs and heart and soul it has come from those closest and dearest who have been there always…

I love you!!!


faith filled friday


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