Tuesday, March 27, 2012

and what is the truth?

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The Truth is neither here nor there in the hearts of many.  It is the Spirit of the Age to deny any universal clarity over the probing questions of life.  It is the tool of the Enemy to cause rampant doubt in the souls of people as the widespread notion of truth as elusive, at best subjective, gains a deep and powerful foothold.

But, I find it all so very ironic.  Jesus, the Embodiment of Truth, with a heart of compassion, mercy and love to the uttermost promised that the truth sets us all free.  And who are we to doubt this King of Love?

We are the afraid, the shamed, the lonely, the stubborn, the proud and the wanderers that’s who.  We have hardened hearts as Israel of old and steel ourselves against hope.  And I love Him and have pledged my life to Him, yet this is still often how I approach the Truth given that I might be free.

But the flesh knows that Truth is costly.  It costs my pride. My sense of being able to make it on my own. It costs my righteousness.  All of the ways I have remained set apart from what I know is wrong.  All that I think I do for him.  It costs my knowledge.  All that I think I have learned that somehow places me further ahead on the journey.

Yes, it’s true.  The Truth that makes free costs every bit of my effort, my-self, the blood, sweat and tears of life to make a name in this world.

And it doesn’t only cost me these things in one radical abandonment.  Though I may experience a great epiphany of freedom at such a laying down, it will slip through my grasping fingers the second that I take up again what I do, who I have somehow constructed myself to be and claim that as my autonomy. my freedom.

As with everything Jesus says, it means infinitely more than we can imagine when it first brings light to our hearts.  That first light is true, but it will take the swimming of eternity towards it, begun first here encumbered and continued forever, one Glorious Day, in perfection to know it’s depths.

So, as I embrace His Truth that makes me Free, I am beginning to see how the revealing of the dark and hidden is continual.  His Truth penetrates marrow and bone, core and fiber, capillary and molecule.  And to take up His freedom is to allow the probe deeper.  If I am any indication of the human heart, and I have to believe I am, then each impasse of His Truth and perfection and my truth and imperfection reveals another wall of pride and fear.

This pride and fear and desperate groping for what I can offer Him rises from my own heart and reaches through the atmosphere of this world across culture and religion.

But it is always met with the Promise of the Only One to ever bear with full integrity, the Truth.  His Truth is wide and deep and high and long.  His Truth is Grace upon Grace.  His Truth is all that the hurting, broken mass of humanity needs to be healed and whole.  His Truth stands as Savior. Messiah. King of Kings. Lord of Lords. and Great Lover of our souls.  His Truth is the Only Hope of Freedom.

And His Truth calls you and it calls me, not once, but perpetually and forever, asking in love and compassion ‘Do you want to be free? To live free? Truly and Forever?’

Truth has come and made a Way, a Life and asks us to again embrace it today. now and forever.






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