Wednesday, February 8, 2012

when love fills time and space

2 (1 of 2) - Copyyou sunshine girl with light-kissed hair holding so much in you and I stop the cleaning and the organizing because I know this moment will be gone with this tiny next breath.

and you invite me open-hearted into your world full of joy and happy and life and all of the fun that just can’t wait to get out and I just come along for the sweet ride of my two year-old girl.

and we sing the songs together.  ones you learn by seeming osmosis so quickly they become your own and I gaze in wonder at how the life in you bursts forth.

and we draw pretty flowers together and I don’t know what is more, the beauty of our togetherness or your little button nose:)

and soon you jump high on your bed and dance to the songs that still play and smile and sing happy and when you ask me to jump too, I say ‘mommy’s too big’ and you furrow quizzical but then accept that this kind of fun is toddler-shaped and mommy’s fun is just to open eyes and heart and soul wide to receive.

then when mommy’s creaking back is hurting and I lay on my tummy you come for a horsey ride29 (2 of 9) - Copy - Copy - Copy which I cannot quite give so you tumble off and stretch to push-up form with all of your teeny might {which is none too small} and I marvel at your itsy bitsy muscles at work.

and when we find the pink ball that you got for Christmas we stand and bounce and sit and roll and you are fierce in your ideas of how it all should be and I smile for the strength yet visible in you.

when afternoon comes and so does your nap you toddle down stairs to get your water ‘my by self’ and you pad back up and curve to your room and I read your current favorite and we dip ‘my little pony’ hooves in paint and make the flowers and butterflies on the page and then we get you into your sleepy-time place.

‘Dalia the Dolphin’ your pillow pet that we name together gives her usual greeting with kisses and hi’s and sentiments of how she’s missed you! and you cuddle happy with your blankie, lovie, and best little stuffed friend…

…and I sing the song today that first came to my heart when you were jello-limbed newborn resting in my arms

Baby Susie, etc 244

You’re my precious, precious, precious little baby girl

The only one, only one, in this whole wide world

My precious, precious, precious little baby girl…

{then this verse added last summer}

You’re His precious, precious, precious little baby girl

daughter Susanne Elizabeth

consecrated to the Great I AM

princess of the King of Kings

daughter of the Abba Father God



You’re His precious, precious, precious little baby girl

and while my voice quiets and you ready for sleep I walk out of this sacred space of the slowing and being present with what is gone as soon as it is but the song, the song, remains tucked in heart of hearts and lifted in worship for the miracle of this life.  this unimaginable privilege of being your mama.  this joy shaped only by love that is as deep a part of me as soul and spirit and the eternal perfect imagination of God.



and this new meme, kd continuing Emily’s amazing community::

painting prose


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