Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the unending surrender


All of the doubts and questions and echoes of mystery that swirl about my soul are clarifying themselves in one clear, singular, resounding chorus:

“Will you surrender every moment in its uncertainty, its overwhelming wave, its acute reminder of your insufficiency to Me?  to the Lamb of God who was slain and who is WORTHY of your everything now and forever?”

And I sheepish, helpless and weak yet somehow knowing that this complete undoing leads me closer to the pathway of life, the ONLY path of life, the ONLY LIFE as the vision of He WHO IS {LIFE} becomes all that I see, say ‘yes’.

I think of those who modeled the unending surrender as they lived before God’s Son came incarnate and every promise of the ages was fulfilled:

I think of Noah and the absurd plan of God that branded him crazy to the world yet was the provision for his life and his family’s and all of mankind’s existence.

I think of Abraham and the waiting of decades for the promised son who was the sum of his own worth in such a time and culture.  And I remember how he walked a hill with faith, a knife and wood for an altar and only his long-awaited son to offer as a sacrifice.  Obedient fully to the unthinkable with trust in the God to whom he owed everything…knowing his promises were true and that was all he had to see.

I think of Joseph when wrong upon wrong was committed against him.  Sold into slavery by his own brothers.  Falsely accused.  Years in prison as an innocent man.  Forgotten by those he saved.  Made prince in a foreign land with every power to take vengeance on the brothers who had hated him and wished him dead.  Only to declare in meekness ‘what you in intended for evil, God intended for good to bring about the salvation of many’.

I think of Rahab, the prostitute, a Gentile yet possessing a heart for God.  Risking her life to hide Israelite spies knowing their God was the only God.  Honored by Him in being grafted into God’s family and the lineage of Christ.

I think of Ruth the Moabitess, a daughter of pagan faith, who left all of the comforts of home to care for her bereft and weary mother-in-law and embrace Yahweh as her God.  Honored, as well, grafted into the faithful of God and the lineage of Christ.

And then I think of Mary.  Giving birth to the Messiah and struggling with her flesh, often not winning, as she had that clear revelation her son, Jesus, was the Son of God.  Called to be his mother yet showing us all what it is to surrender that which is most precious to our hearts even the very promises of God declared over our own children.

But mostly, I think of the Savior.  Winning every time over his flesh.  Tempted and tried in ALL WAYS AS WE yet without sin.  Being handed over to death while each moment possessing the full power to obliterate every enemy.  Standing in the face of jeers and the deepest blasphemy as he, in infinite irony, was accused of the same.  Coming from eternity past, the infinite length, in the most perfect, beautiful and clear manifestation of unending surrender and looking into every weary eye that has ever lived and saying

 ‘Come, Come to Me…I am meek and lowly of heart and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.’

And laughter fills where the battle has waged.  A light-hearted joy springs up that flows from the Perfect One through these spirit veins.  And there is peace in a world that rages.  And there is hope to speak into the darkness.  And there is the vision of the Kingdom of God that is forever and victorious when all others will crumble and fall. 

And there is the promise that each new day will bring the same question and choice and eternal fruit that only comes from the unending surrender…





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