Monday, February 6, 2012

Life with a Capital ‘L’


So I’ve been thinking a lot about this kind of Life.  It’s one of those thoughts that swims around in my brain and never really leaves.  But lately, lately, I’ve been thinking about what it means to live FULL, ALIVE…like all that I believe is real.

The same sermon I mentioned last week made me ponder this Life when Tim Keller read this excerpt:

"How can you cope with the end of a world and the beginning of another one? How can you put an earthquake into a test-tube, or the sea into a bottle? How can you live with the terrifying thought that the hurricane has become human, that the fire has become flesh, that Life itself came to life and walked in our midst? Christianity either means that, or it means nothing. It is either the most devastating disclosure of the deepest reality in the world, or it’s a sham, a nonsense, a bit of deceitful play-acting. Most of us, unable to cope with saying either of those things, condemn ourselves to live in the shallow world in between…"

- N.T. Wright, For All God’s Worth

And then I listen to this sermon and it’s all about the TRUTH of the resurrection and there is no desire that is ultimately left unfulfilled because Jesus really did rise in flesh and bones.  Life is with a captial ‘L’ for the Redeemed or we condemn ourselves to that ‘shallow world in between.’

And so the question begs to be asked, do I experience life or Life?

I had a sweet answer {of sorts} to this on Sunday morning.  My husband and I were sharing an update of our journey overseas at our home church.  And Life was there.  Undeniable. Unquenchable. Ours.

It was there in the Sunday School hour when we interacted with some amazing middle & high school students who are living the mission that has become the heartbeat of our calling.  Loving their neighbors who are their classmates in the vast mission field of the public school.  Happy and at peace and yet wanting to know more and more what it is to follow Him.

It was there when we shared with the church the core lessons of our extended time here completing our fundraising in order to move to Hungary.  We danced a dance of the heart as he began remembering that fireseed that entered our hearts in that very place eight years ago and I continued and he concluded.  The Spirit melding our words, our journey, to speak an authentic message of what He gives in the waiting and surrendering and learning to live in the light of His unchanging, eternal Glory.

It was there as members came and laid hands on us and our son and interceded, for us, and when his name was mentioned in prayer he looked up at us with this exquisite smile.

And as we sat down in the pew and I held my beloved’s hand, I felt the smile of Heaven.  Dreams that were dreamt a  long time ago were resurrected and I saw how with this man I am living that vision of bearing witness boldly side-by-side as ONE of the reality of this God being ALL He says He is and the Life He gives as we give Him ourselves.

Then, in a sweet benediction of this Life we were led into a deeper understanding of Communion, as sacrament. As our pastor said multiple times it is ‘a symbol’ and ‘more than a symbol’ of the TRUTH of the Life bought with the body and blood of Jesus and given FOR us, TO us, come to live IN us.

We shared with each other later how the Presence who is LIFE was palpable and we tuck deep to raise high an ebenezer of remembrance, of the Life He intends.

And I thank Him for this answer that opens more questions as this holy haunting swirls about this heart and mind and I plead for Life to mark more moments and fill increasingly the breaths of this time, this journey, I walk here and now and into forever.





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