Thursday, February 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Trust



‘There is No LIFE without TRUST’

I remember saying those words to a friend when I was in college?  And I’ve {hopefully} been really living because I’ve been really trusting.

For me it usually involves the willful child kicking and screaming that I know the way that it should be and He

the Gentle, Kind, All-Powerful Lover of my soul speaking to me the truth of His Life found only in trusting Him.

It has walked with me through mom’s cancer, heartbreak, teaching 160 teenagers {not in the same class;}, choosing a path around 7 or so years ago that has led to full-time missionary support and many uncomfortable steps into unknown countries and relationships and teams and more relationships and more walls of faith and trust that have reminded and tested if I really want the only life that there truly is.

Trust is the breath of the beating heart for God.  We cannot live in Him if we aren’t trusting Him and I am no exception and while I would love to say that it gets easier, it doesn’t;} It does in the sense that things that used to be hard to trust Him with once continually let go, they do become easier to do so BUT there are always the bigger steps coming…the living, truly living, that will not let us stay where we are, but grows into the constant unknown and trusts it is always His best to do so…


photo source :: flickr creative commons

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