Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Minute Friday : Real


And so I've been thinking about this real relationship, both human and divine.

It's weaving into me and I into it and so I am changing and softening and growing and falling down in worship for the beauty of the real.

This husband, who I love, yet who sees the deepest reality of my need for a Savior.  Who is there in the moments that I can hide from the rest of the world and in the spaces that the Spirit has yet to speak into and he bears witness to the ugly.  And in the face of it, though at times shocked by the real, he stays and we learn about some of those deep places and about the unharvested terrain of that which has laid fallow and without fruit.

But in the face of this real, this real relationship, we also discover that which could not be found if the journey were in quiet spaces, singular.  We embrace the real that refines and Our Great God's means of perfecting him and perfecting me.  I cannot imagine another person that I could be so deeply real with and where all of the dark, hard, wounded and hurting would be so deeply exposed.  And while there is still a big part of me that reels for the reality laid bare, here the voice of that which remains resounds stronger for the ultimate healing that lay on this path for me, for him, because of the Great I AM present in it all.



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