Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a faith to move mountains :: ‘oh God, I believe, help my unbelief!’


261586_10150305569371141_751706140_9488391_6819306_nIt is a year where I have chosen to dwell upon secure~ness {and make up words, apparently;}. And yet this year also meets me at the cusp of a wanting, a needing of a faith that would break the final places of that rock foundation to that mountain that we need to see moved so that we can step fully into our calling.

And He used a precious friend who, through her own journey, reveals glaringly that I live with far too little faith.  It is dull at best and I have most definitely been settling for less.

I don’t know if I have said it here before, but regardless, it must be said again.  Just because we are uprooting our lives, have left a life we love while putting an ocean between us and home to bear witness to the Light in a dark place, it DOES NOT MEAN that inside we live radically full of faith or are brimming with the Life that escapes unbounded for the adventure.

It does, however, mean that we can see when all is lackluster and ho-hum because this journey is designed to be anything but that.

I have no prescription to fill to miraculously provide me {or you} with what is lacking.  There is no step-by-step plan to stoke the fire within.

But for each of us it is but that teeny tiny mustard seed of faith. 

Waiting to be planted anew today. 

A Listening and yearning for the stirring to rise above the din of what is and in the desperation a gasping prayer for a glimpse of Glory.  His Beauty to touch and compel our faint spirits beyond the innumerable voices that speak the lies and the inertia of a cynical world bound to keep us where we are.

If you are like me, many times, this itsy bitsy seed is a spark of vision, of light, that seems to flicker off and on.  But I remember with you that we are made for the light, for eternity, for a Great Plan beyond imagining that has been prepared for us.  And I believe with you and we hunt for that pearl of Great Price, that smallest seed of faith and together we plant it with trembling hands and soul deep cries lifted to the One who brings all to pass and creates every particle of life—physical, emotional, spiritual—LIFE.

And we wait expectantly for mighty trees to grow that reach limbs high and bear witness to His Glory and yes, for mountains to move and plain places to be revealed as the impossible becomes fully possible.

Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!”

~Mark 9:24

Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, “Why could we not cast it out?” He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

~Matthew 17:19-20

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  1. my cry too
    may this br the year that the mountains move


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