Thursday, January 19, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Vivid

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There’s one thing I’ve been on the hunt for…the lens of a vivid faith.

I’ve been walking the motions and doing the things to surrender this one life for His kingdom…along with my partner & beloved and our two little kids.

But I’ve been wandering a bit in this field of calling, in this journey of faith and it’s been a pretty vivid oxymoron.

The living defining faith and yet faith not defining the living?

He showed me this when I was just reading Hebrews 11 and the hall of fame of faith.

How we wander as Abraham.

How we look to that CITY like Moses ‘whose builder and maker is God.’

How we do not cling to what is but all that is promised…

How we may one day be called to suffer greatly for that faith we cling to with everything, that to lose would be to lose everything.

And yet, I’m crying for the VIVID.  I’m crying for the colors of Him.  That azure of peace that flows rivers and oceans and bleeds in skies.  And that crimson of love that falls from the skies and fills all of the things and people so that they are dripping.  That brilliant sunshine yellow that shines over this happy journey where there is a Lamb and a Father who is all the Glory Forever…the Eternal Son and Sun.

And though vivid does not yet fill this journey shaped by faith, I cling to the promise that One Day it will, until then, I hunt and refuse to be satisfied…



I’m loving, loving LOVING this song…the tears were just brimming a tiny bit for what I felt was in me when we sang it last Sunday…trusting and praying, you sing with me for the truth and often more the desire for this truth:



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