Thursday, January 5, 2012

Five Minute Friday : Roar

Niagara Falls USA

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All your breakers, they wash over me.

Deep is calling unto deep

and the deep is a roar

and it is in me.

it rages and pounds the air

and flails the arms

and screams the cries

and longs for another world.

and the roar of my

puny self

is met with the roar of YOU.

it is a loving way to

come to me for


is a deafening power that

is made full only

by the great Reality YOU ARE.

And in Your Roar

are all of history’s questions

and the millennia's doubts

and the striving races of

the masses

they are silenced for

You, when you ROAR

there is but one thing to know

and that is that there

is NONE like you. And

to take you for the fullness of

Your Voice or not to take

you at all and so YOUR

ROAR is a thousand and more

choruses and they are in

harmony and on key

and they absorb all of the

off notes of time and

all of the chaos of a

billion voices claiming

their own eternity

only to finally all of us

be stilled by what can only

be Your Roar. Your Waters.

Your Voice in all of this

raging, spinning, wobbling

yet permeated by Your ROAR


AWA 1-6-12



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