Thursday, January 12, 2012

Five Minute Friday :: Awake

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On days and weeks and moments like this AWAKE is but a yearning.

I know I have lived little awake these days but I KNOW that I want to live so much more so.

AWAKE to them, those little wonders all full of everything beautiful

And yes, the funny, messy, not-so-beautiful too.

Their wonder and joy and their innocence and all that wants to harness their world and plunge full-force and awake into each day.

With smiles and jumps and cries for more and better…this is really our naked humanity laid bare, isn’t it?

Awake is what we are when there is nothing that can yet put us to sleep.  When all is full of wonder and newness and the ‘no’s’ and ‘can’t’s’ and ‘shouldn’t’s’ haven’t quite been understood.

Awake to how fun is around the stairs and the hall and mommy plays crocodile and we laugh and run.

Awake to tender touch and holding and loving because I am there, their only mama, awake and present.

Awake to tears I cry today when I find out months later that a beloved supporter is in Heaven. Awake enough for little two year-old sympathy to wield tears and cry with a hurting mama and ask me about my sadness multiple other times.

Awake to the reality of the image-bearers that they meet each day and to the possibility always of community, relationship and JOY.

Awake as them, to be born again into the innocence and wonder, that is my yearning.

{Alarm sounding…in more ways than one;}

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