Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Open


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Open ::

When I think of opening myself, opening my heart, opening my soul, opening the possibilities within and without and opening the dreams and hopes too easy to bury…

I think of birth.

I think of what it is to open wide the unknown and to find the only way to experience new life.  If all remains closed and there is no room to grow then we become dead in little ways that spread a thousand places.

But in the opening we experience new life.  We open most the deep and vulnerable. the hurt and raw. the weak and weary. and we open not knowing what it will bring and knowing that there is no guarantee of being protected from…anything.

But we also know that it is either open or shrivel up and keep what’s ours protecting it from what it cannot be protected from anyway and losing it most likely because it, because they all, want to live.

So we open ourselves and we open the journey of our kids to a faithful God and give Him free reign over us all.  It is only our heart that opens for He already holds it all, but when WE open we open our eyes to His strength and vision apportioned for all of our needs.

Open is what we long for in every moment of fear and doubt because it was a long time ago that we realized we didn’t want to live any other way.

So, here we go!


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