Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Tired…


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Aren’t we all just…tired?  It is a madly spinning planet and all of the currents of this world woosh over us and sweep us in, too, too much.

I know it is true for me.

I am tired.  Tired of proving to everyone that I imagine is asking {but isn’t it just that intense self-critic?} that I am a good, mom, wife, missionary, writer, friend, sister, daughter…

oh my, could I go on for the list?!

And then I stop in crystal clear instants and I remember that this is the current of this spinning, yet oh-so-fading world.  Not the opinion of any who are mortal and who live for what is seen will ever matter or stick of bear the weight of all that I am made for.

I rest again, then, full in the air of Him, of eternity.  He wraps me up in all completed and all I need is but to worship Him.  All I need is but to rest in His fullness and that I am His beloved daughter like I sing over my own every night and nap when I put her to sleep.  consecrated. princess. beloved.

And there is no tired where eagle’s wings are mounted and I rise above the din of what is oh so shrouded and the vapor of here and I rise above the stars to the heart of the One who reaches through the cosmos and reminds of a completed work and a victory forever…

and then, no, I am not tired, I am alive and ready to live.


I am loving this WHOLE album by Sovereign Grace Music, ‘Risen’…but with this post and Lisa-Jo’s post,  thought of this song, ‘Hail the Day’ especially the beginning of the second verse ::

“Though He dwells beyond the stars

His Redeemed are on His heart

Even now He intercedes

Jesus cares for all our needs”

Ahhhh…yes, He does!



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