Thursday, December 8, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Color


sunset, souderton parade, around the house 078


And it is You, always you, the one Who paints the story.

I see it in the glistening eyes of a son whose heart is in my hands and how I want to wrap it in a warm red and gold and fullest of all beauty bright, resilient and forever.

I see it in the sunshine smile and the twinkling bright, clear eyes of my baby girl.  And how I want to ride that life within her onto brilliant blue plains of sky and over all of the rainbows that promise she is of a generation blessed and she is His.

I see it in the love shining eternal and so all of the blood of Him who covers in grace from the eyes, the loving eyes, of my beloved.  my life partner.  He pierces me with the kindest, coolest, clearest blue of love that is as deep as the oceans vastness and into me it sinks to heal a thousand raging fires in me.

And I see it through them all in the Grace which paints in sunrises of the glorious hues rising to high gold and brightest yellow and setting to the purple of royalty to crown each day with Your faithfulness…

And I see it and I see it and though the rain comes in its gray dullness it could never conceal what lies below…the eternal Roy G Biv or Your undying vibrance.




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  1. Just lovely. Your imagery is amazing. Thank you :)


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