Monday, November 21, 2011

A truth-bearing dusty-footed Savior

Yesterday, our pastor, who has been preaching through the book of John, shared from the story of the Woman at the Well in John 4.

I was struck as he compared this interaction with the one with Nicodemus in the previous chapter.  They were as different as night and day : both the people and the way in which the Savior brought his message.

To Nicodemus, Jesus brought stark, full truth.  Nothing that Nicodemus was or did would gain him eternal life.  He needed to die to all of that and be born again.  Become like a baby, weak and helpless, and it was here and only here that he could be saved. 

We don’t know the lasting impact in Nicodemus’ life of that conversation. {personally, I would like to think that he was an outspoken part of the Early Church Movement.} We do, however, receive the most recognized verse of the Bible : John 3:16.  It was early and young that I learned this and, no matter who you are, if this is the only verse you ever heard from the Bible it is enough to come Home forever.

‘For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

And then there is the Woman at the Well.  The Samaritan woman is an outcast in every way.  Defiled as a half-bred Jew, an untouchable.  And then she lived that worthlessness through the pursuit of life in relationships with men.  Five marriages.  And the present relationship was not even a husband.

Jesus altered his journey to go to Samaria, taking a circuitous route in pursuit of this one considered worthless by the only voices in the world that mattered;

And he had to pass through Samaria.’  John 4:4

As our pastor spoke of Him as the dusty-footed Savior who so fully pursued the lowest of the low, sending His disciples away and going at noon, a time when no one else would, I was hushed and stilled.  He is not preachy or judgmental, but simply bids her come to Him—the only One who can quench her thirst.

Yes, she hears truth, but in such a tender way that He, the Messiah, comes from Heaven to Earth to specifically seek her.  the lost and helpless one.  And He loves to do this.  This is why He was sent and the heartbeat of His mission that will culminate in His own emptying that all might live.  Whether the high and honored or the low and despised.

When I look at these two : Nicodemus and the Samaritan Woman, I don’t want to see them as different, but one and the same.  And not only the same, but the same in me.  The same Savior.  The One I need to rescue me from my full-of-it self-righteousness AND the One who loves me whole when I am the broken adulterer lost in pursuit of everything that will never give life.

And, I know, oh I know, He will NEVER turn away, always come, and always offer the Life that He is.  And may He find me hungry, athirst for Him and ready to eat fully and drink deeply.  And ready to offer that Life to the world.

{The song below is one that has been captivating me since we have been singing it at our church.  It is blaring in our car, home, on my mp3 player when I walk.  If you haven’t heard it and if you have, I trust you will be blessed!}


Loving this and blasting it wherever I can…I am SURE we will sing something very close to this in Heaven!

UseitonMonday SoliDeoGloria and Write it, Girl! at my friend, Stacey’s

Oh how I thank You :

  • For being the dusty-footed Savior
  • For loving enough to seek me
  • For loving enough to speak into my self-righteousness
  • For loving enough to continually offer life when I seek it in all that doesn’t satisfy
  • For loving enough to be sent from Heaven and Earth and hold nothing back from the ones You came to redeem
  • For this Thanksgiving week:
    • For the chance to HOST my family—a longing realized
    • For the sweetness of savoring all as gift
    • For a hubby who suggested it
    • For the twinkling-eye joy of Thanksgivings to come
    • For how You will work out the details and bless—because You are good
    • For the sweet memories from last year—a Thanksgiving I’ll never forget
    • For this amazing family you’ve given us::
      • round-cheeked blonde-haired baby girl
      • stunningly beautiful buddy boy
      • for spotlights and play in the dark
      • for chocolate-chocolate-VANILLA! duck-duck-goose style
      • for laying on the ground with legs in the air silly fun
  • For the strength to keep going
    • How we are being tested: knowing YOU as our only life
    • for Psalm 62:8 a thousand times over
    • for the desperate, hurting me that You love
    • for all we KNOW You are doing…even when we don’t see
    • for the hard eucharisteo…turning it into SONG
  • For the BEST, always and ever, yet to come!




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