Tuesday, November 29, 2011

vintage story

When we brush the days clear

and colors fade to vintage,

faces smile up and chubby cheeks jiggle

the rhythm of song,

And we remember all that paints our story.

End-of-Colorado-and-coming-home-003_End-of-Colorado-and-coming-home-0583Knoebel's, Penn House, Thomas, etc 193_thumb[2]

The color of JOY is classic rose

reaching through the thorns

And happy hues are bright

rainbow eyes that glimmer for the love.

Secret places become the ones

no one can take away

They hug us tight in tender ways

that weave through every thread of time.

Knoebel's, Penn House, Thomas, etc 242[1]Knoebel's, Penn House, Thomas, etc 268Knoebels-Penn-House-Thomas-etc-1031_thumb[1]

And when the fruit is picked anew

there is a freedom born

to open wide hearts made ready

for the ever-morn.

awa 11~29~2011

Fall Beauty 029

imperfect prose


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