Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Roller Coasters & Tidal Waves {Guest Post at Graceful}

As we were preparing to go overseas to Hungary for the summer of 2010, I remember sharing with some friends how I felt like I was about to get on a very tall, very fast, and very scary roller coaster.

It must have been a bit prophetic.

I felt that way anticipating taking our family of four, which included one not quite three year-old son and one not quite one year-old daughter and thankfully, one very hands-on father, across the ocean for five weeks.

I came home after those five weeks with the full weight of a long-term call, which, although it included much joy and excitement, had the undeniable mark of a great upheaval for our little family.

Fast forward fifteen months and I am still on that roller coaster.

{Please continue reading with me at Graceful where my dear friend, Michelle, who I had the privilege of spending some wonderful time with at the recent Relevant Conference has welcomed me to her blog to share a bit about Roller Coasters, Tidal Waves and Letting Go.  If you don’t know Michelle, spend some time with her at Graceful, she is a breath of fresh air, honest, true seeker of God.}

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