Thursday, November 17, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Grow



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If hope were a seed then I have asked her to plant deep in this heart of mine.

And if love can grow roots then I have asked her to weave herself into the deep places.

And if Home is a place that can travel with me, then I have asked Her to be with me always

And if Faith is a dream that becomes reality, then I have pleaded for the dreams Speakout Sparklersthat come tiny and timid to rise on eagle’s wings and fly into these coming days

And if Fire is a seed like hope, then I have asked that the hope that bears life would be fire and that it would be planted within a generation

And if Life is a journey that grows and deepens, I have asked that it would grow to Heaven and that it would deepen in souls that I find being found in Him when now they are lost.

And if there is a way of growing that makes all that happens, the darkness, the mess, the pain, the grief all a part of this One Great Divine Wish for the world and knowledge that it will all ONE DAY be forever so, then I plant myself where this is what growing can only be.

And if you are a seed waiting to be planted, I ask will you go deep into this soil with me?


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