Thursday, November 10, 2011

Five Minute Friday : Unexpected…




And so it is I find such unexpected ways

a haze

of myself.

I wish that all was vibrant and

that the

weight of

all to be expected


would sweep

me away in

a wildness of adventure.

Instead I have

this unexpected


I long to feel

and know as

reality the JOY

of all that’s ahead

when the adventure

reaches fruition and we

board planes and go.

When Europe is our home

and though it is all mostly new

it will be quaint with romantic

dates galore and city-sized

playgrounds of trams

and underground trains

for boys. and just

the flowers of Margit Sziget

to captivate my little girl’s heart.

But, there is also all that

won’t be romantic and so

there is the unexpected face

or reality blowing cold air

in the face of this head-in-the-clouds

loves the idea of things…

But, oh how unexpectedly the

growing up has been the really

seeing the real and yet knowing

that this can still bring sparkles

to eyes and even deeper ones

because there is no barrier

to the living and the joy.

And so I ask for the unexpected

of His transformation to

bring what He always expects…

a fire within that

burns and fills and is full

of all that feels and embraces.


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