Friday, November 25, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: Grateful



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Grateful for the sea…I have always loved the rushing waters.

But it isn’t the literal sea, but the sea of blessings.

When my eyes are opened this is how they appear.

For when I look far and wide into what I've been given, it doesn’t only fill today but yesterdays too and yesteryears and as far as I can see I have been a part of a blessed people.  a blessed legacy.  a blessed heritage.  a blessed one of God.

When I look into my children’s eyes I want to see them as a part of this sea.  A sea of Gratefulness that rests in an assurance of blessing upon their lives.  Not one that can sit back and not do the hard work of parenting, but one that knows I have a great cloud of witnesses who is urging on the generations.

Will you take up the history, the legacy and make it your own? I hear them say.  And I know for I have heard the stories that it was not in dashing glory that their victory was won, but in the gaze upon that sea of blessing that their eyes fixed and their hearts filled and so they did the stuff that matters.  They were there for diapers and feedings and backyard football and soccer and baseball.  They were there to kiss the boo-boos and to pray over the fears. 

And they are the sea I see and the sea I want to become.



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