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31 Days to His Heart :: His Heart is Holy {Day #3}

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I’m humbly treading the hallowed ground of the Heart of God for the 31 days of October.  First we look deep into the Beauty of His heart, shown through God the Father and His Son Jesus, then, we peer into the fragile and yet powerful role of our own hearts as we seek His and learn to live it in this world.  To read the entire series go {here} 31 Days to His Heart.

May YOU be blessed with a touch of Him TODAY…He who desires and is Fully Worthy of ALL of our hearts!

Before we begin, let’s lay low and hushed, bowing before the Holiness of His Heart…
Psalm 103:1

Bless the LORD, O my soul,
   and all that is within me,
   bless his holy name!

1 Samuel 2:2
"There is none holy like the LORD; there is none besides you; there is no rock like our God.”

Psalm 99:3
Let them praise your great and awesome name! Holy is he!


I didn’t necessarily intend to stop here, next, at His holiness that is.  However, my sweet friend, Tiffini, commented on yesterday’s post about being drawn to the Holiness of God.  And it gave me pause in the next step in this series to His heart.  Then, as I looked at Psalm 103, {which I am using as a guide for the beginning of this series} I found in the first verse the blessings to His Holy Name!

Now, it is not that I don’t believe He is holy. On the contrary, it is the thing I am most thankful for being taught little and early of this Great God.  His Holiness.  High and Lifted Up.  Set Apart.  Adored.  Worthy, Worthy, Worthy!  It is just that I don’t naturally think of His Holiness and His Heart together.

And I am wondering why?  He is the Only True God and so His love comes from all that He is as God.  Supremely, He is holy.  And while I wouldn’t consider that an emotion or coming from the heart, I think it is pretty faulty thinking to not look at His heart in terms of His Holiness.

His Heart IS Holy.  This sets everything about Him apart, especially His heart.  As I shared about His everlasting Love yesterday, which I do believe it is good to begin there, and yet looking today at His holiness directs us to all that is altogether different about His heart vs. ours.  

For God’s Heart to be Holy, it means that all that comes from it is good, higher, beautiful as only God’s heart can be.  His ‘seat of affection’ is Holy.  Nothing in His love, His heart, or any of the ‘emotions’, even His anger, can be anything but Holy.  I know I need to be reminded and plead for thinking concerning His heart that does not mix it up with my human heart.

The word ‘holy’ is used over 600 times in the Bible.  Over 50 times it is used to describe our God as ‘The Holy One of Israel’ and all of the other references relate to a thing being ‘set apart’ as holy for sacrifice or to be near that Old Testament sacred of sacreds called the Holy of Holies that the High Priest entered only once a year after MUCH purification.

While we know the end of the story, I want this series to read a bit like we don’t yet know it.  That we might remember the roughly 1600 years when it took much purification to be in the tiniest bit of this Holy Presence of God.  And since His heart is Holy, it was not accessed intimately by any but a prophet or some times a priest and then only rarely and for a special purpose.

So then, friends, I pray that the coming to His heart might be with fresh and renewed senses and thus His Beauty reaching deep into us.

Praying His Heart

Holy-Hearted God.  Only of Only’s.  We thank You for the Promise of Your Everlasting Love even as we remember that ALL concerning You is Holy…even and especially Your Heart.  Oh Lord God we long for a touch of this Holy Heart, for all senses to become awakened to it.  Lead us in this way that we might be changed.  Re-orient our whole posture in this world according to Your High-and-Lifted-up Heart, because, somehow, we know it will make all the difference.  Because You are Holy and You love us, Amen.


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