Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a place beyond words…

on this rain-kissed day
i search
for a place that
i have been restless

all the words i am grasping

can not encompass
what is beyond words.

i long for Home
i long for Him
i long for face-to-face
i long for peace
i long for joy
i long for Life!
i long for You
i long with all I am
i long with all I long to be
i long with all of my brothers and sisters
for the Daddy embrace
full and forever.

i long for the mercy
of this touch

right here.

nothing else will do.

would You meet me
in this place
with Your enveloping
Love eternally
beyond all words?

AWA 9/20/2011
{photo source}
in the hush of the moon

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